We’re a husband and wife team. Sean, my husband, approves and contributes to many of my designs before they get sent out into the world. He’s the one who designed the logo and many of the denim designs you see on this site. He’s also the one who I can trust to let me know when something isn’t going to cut it and encourages me when something seems right. We were both taught how to sew as children and work great as a team.

Last Christmas I cut up a pair of leggings and wore them out for fun while my husband and I were vacationing on with our two boys. I fell in love with them instantly and noticed that no one else had on anything like it. That was the birth of the leggings that you see in my shop today. Everything else you see has sprung from that. On this site you will find up-cycled clothing and hand made designs. This is how we do fashion!

Cora Cummins

Sean Cummins


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